iGlobe comes with the idea to assist healthcare services providers that offer complex care services, streamlining the medical billing procedure is an essential focus area to ensure continued, long haul activities. We provide end to end services from streamlining the perplexing accumulations procedure to defeating ceaseless decreases in repayments and fulfilling HIPAA necessities, various errands that establish the medicinal billing procedure and lead to the effective close of a revenue management cycle. We empower your medical business to accelerate the pace of revenue generation, income cycle, lessen operational costs and increase the productivity delivered by the system.

Many human care organizations are looked with the plausibility of great financial loss every year due to under-valuing, coding mistakes, non-repaid claims and missed charges. However, when you outsource medical billing services to iGlobe, we yield the best quality & accuracy to wipe out the event of these losses. We offer a coordinated start to finish billing management to the cutting edge healthcare organizations and also maintain the great quality through an exceptionally devoted group of functional specialists.

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We have a unified team that is centred around furnishing you with insurance billing, credentialing, insurance confirmation and different services that are tweaked to your customised needs and are rendered with complete respect to your patient community. Our teammates will remain in consistent touch with you to ensure that your necessities are met in an opportune way.


iGlobe is completely dedicated to giving the most noteworthy nature of services to healthcare organizations. Our all-out procedure refinement and creative methodologies help us to address your needs perfectly and in a profoundly financially savvy way, while you deal with your patients. We believe that an organized and efficient way to deal with services conveyance wipes out entanglements and potential holes in the services.


We give you weekly and monthly reports as per your requirements for clearness and bits of knowledge into the charged sums and progress in accumulation. We influence best in class MIS solutions to give you noteworthy reports that are conveyed according to a timetable. Subsequently, you will consistently have total access to the basic data you require to decide, streamline the system and make course adjustments. We can likewise configure tweaked announcing systems to suit your particular detailing prerequisites.

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iGlobe empowers your healthcare business to accelerate the pace of revenue generation. We are cutting - edge outsourcing medical billing and coding..

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