High-Quality Bird Pets

We provide high-quality bird pets from so many different breeds intending to fit the bird with humans on an emotional level. These birds are exotic and dripping with color, and are completely trained in a certain manner to be with the bird owner at all times.

Why Us?

Birdspetx is one of the best and very exquisite bird specialty stores. We have one of the largest selections of bird breeds available. The category of bird breeds includes an extensive list of Parrots, as well as Canary, Lory, Pigeons/Dove, Poinus, Toucan, Softbills and others.

Welcome to our newly improved website of Birdspetx which is a family-owned and operated exotic bird specialty store. Our family business has grown with our customers who have appreciated the friendly atmosphere and personalized service. Take time to look around all our Parrots and all other bird breeds. Meet our staff and keep up with what’s new in our store 24/7. We are a fully licensed store and our baby birds are Hand Fed, Nurtured, Home Raised Babies, Well Socialized, Well Behaved, Well Loved and Health Guaranteed and loved by all of us. Our baby birds are abundance weaned, allowed to fully-fledged, and are well-socialized with other birds and humans. Thanks for so many years of business and for being a part of the Birdspetx Family.

Sales And Shipmenty

Payment may be made in different ways, so kindly E-mail us at “lorrycambel@gmail.com” for Payment updates.

Most of our birds are sold/reserved while they are being hand fed. Reservations are made by making a deposit. A deposit is non-refundable and is applied toward the total purchase price. Fertile eggs or chicks may be reserved After a chick is 2 weeks old, you may claim it with a 25% deposit The balance may be paid in full prior to shipment or by payments where the balance is paid in full prior to pickup or shipment Deposits are non-refundable unless the bird is undeliverable Birds once purchased are not returnable except under the conditions set out in the Health Guarantee.
Unless otherwise stated, all birds come with a 72-hour limited health guarantee. If your avian veterinarian performs a health examination within the allotted time period [72 hours] and discovers a problem too costly to cure, or a problem that cannot be cured, we will, at our discretion, replace the bird with one of the same kind or value, or buy the bird back. We reserve the right to obtain a second opinion at our expense.

The breeder health guarantee is valid when you have the bird examined within the allotted time (72-hours) and, in addition, notify us immediately of any changes in the birds’ health. Failure to adhere to these requirements indicates you have purchased the bird “as-is”, and waive any warranties of health or fitness.
We ship weaned babies only! A weaned bird is one who can fill their own crop for a minimum of two weeks and maintain a reasonable weight, prior to going to their new home. We ship by major airlines on a live animal priority basis. The birds are transported in special facilities with the same pressure and temperature as the passenger cabin. We ship year-round, limited by severe weather conditions, or requirements specific to the airline or the receiving airport, or when it might be unsafe to ship the bird.

Our pet carriers are well designed to ensure our bird(s) enjoy their flight to their destination. We provide food, water and soft bedding inside the shipping carriers to make sure the baby is comfortable while traveling. In addition, we train our bird(s) to be in a pet carrier daily for a few mins to ensure they don’t get stressed while traveling during their flight.

We offer shipping within US and CANADA so as to keep our customers in good interface with us, (The distance is not the deciding factor. It is based on the dimensional weight of the shipping crate and declared value of the birds). We look forward to deliver you the parrot(s) within 24 – 48 hrs time on your conformation. You just need to wait at your home as most at times we make arrangements for home deliveries to your precise address or you can as well go to the airport to collect the parrots. We ship counter to counter. We always notify the buyer with the flight number, airbill number and arrival time before shipment is made.
Veterinary Tests – Your baby bird can be examined by an avian veterinarian and have testing done, prior to shipping. We offer CBC blood panel, chlamydia, beak and feather tests. FREE DNA sexing and health screening for our ALL babies.

Our Pets Services

24/7 Support

We have a dedicated pet support service available for all types of bird breeds. You can contact us on call or by mail for 24/7 support regarding the bird health and care advice, avail veterinarian for bird illness and accidents, and so much more.

Top Quality

The top quality pet services from Birdspetx can be used to get your favorite bird breed at an affordable price. It consists of certain veterinary tests, a breeder health guarantee for a limited time, different shipping options so that you can get your bird safe and healthy at your destination in the allotted period.

Professional Dealers

We at Birdspetx are very sought after professional dealers for birds to our customers. With our exclusive and comprehensive pet services, we give you the best offers and deals on the bird so that you can get the bird that you like without any hassle.

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